The Real Reason Marijuana is Illegal

With today’s society fighting the laws of marijuana one might wonder why this little plant would cause so much fuss. After all, the affects of marijuana — weed, reefer, or whatever you prefer to call it — is actually less dangerous than alcohol and prescription drugs, which, as we know, are completely legal.

Many people may be surprised that smoking a blunt was perfectly legal up until the early 20th century. In fact, not only was it legal, it was required. If you were a farmer in Virginia back in the year 1619 you were under a law that ordered you to grow wacky weed. And for the next 200 years you could be jailed for not growing marijuana plants during times of shortage.

Hemp was very useful. Not just for pleasurable smoking but it was also used to make rope, cloth and canvas, among other items. The government actually went to great lengths encouraging the growth of cannabis. So why all of a sudden did they change their minds? Why in the early 1900’s did the government decide to illegalize the growth, sale and use of marijuana?

Well, it wasn’t because of health reasons. Actually, products such as CBD oils are great for you. It wasn’t because the crime rate went up. It was simply racism. Pure and simple. It was because Mexicans smoked it too and this country didn’t like that Mexican’s were growing and smoking. It took away from the small farmers here in our own country. When the Mexican’s crossed the border to California bringing their plants with them, well, we just couldn’t have that. So California outlawed the plant all together.

Soon other states followed suit. Once again from racism. Well, if Mexican’s and Black’s were smoking it they might think they are better than the whites. Well, the government couldn’t have that so by the mid 1930’s it was pretty much outlawed throughout the USA.

So you see, whatever reason they are telling us now – it’s unhealthy, it causes people to turn to other more dangerous drugs, it causes crime and crazy behavior, etc., is really just a bunch of crock. The real reason marijuana is illegal is because once again the white man had to rise above any other race.

It’s a sad but true fact. Anyone can look it up. Just type it into a search engine and you will see that illegalizing Hemp had nothing to do with health or crime. It simply was a racist move. I for one, hope that someday we can rise above all the racism and open our eyes to the beauty of what’s in front of us.

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