Surfing Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Mexico is known for tropical locations lush in wildlife, history, and great beaches. With fantastic beaches comes wonderful places to surf. Here is a guide to surfing Mexico’s best beaches from beginner to expert with all of the nightlife and amenities you would come to expect from Mexico’s bustling tourism industry.

Many locations are for expert surfers only with swells of thirty feet or more such as Puerto Escondido, Sayulita with its frequent surfing contests, and Pascuales with its powerful surf. Mazatlan is the perfect place for surfers of all abilities if you want a family expedition that includes surfing and sightseeing. Durign the night, I walk by the beach with my tactical flashlight.

Mazatlan has something for everyone from beaches, surfing, and vintage shops downtown or nearby golfing. You can surf and still be comfortable near a resort city on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Nestled in a cozy bay and near scenic places such as Isla de Piedra, Mazatlan is perfect for a surfing vacation. The waves are consistent year-round, and depending on where you want to surf in the bay there are spots for smaller waves and huge waves. July through September is the rainy season, but for cheaper hotels this is the time go to Mazatlan to surf. The dry season is hotter and better suited for surfing, but waves occur year round on the Pacific Ocean.


El Cid on Castilla Beach has packages for two people that start at $89 per night. More nights and more people get larger discounts per night depending upon your choice. El Cid combines a great ocean view with affordable pricing for your surf vacation.

Mazatlan offers many places that cater to tourists and the prices reflect that. If you travel at the right times, you can get huge discounts on hotels that you wouldn’t normally find in out of the way places. Mazatlan’s tourist culture will pay dividends for your surfing vacation.


Mazatlan Surf Center has everything you could possibly want for your surf equipment and lessons. Short boards, long boards, and body boards are available for rental or purchase once you get to Mazatlan. You can custom order a board and get all of your swimwear and eyewear at the shop too.

Surf lessons happen everyday for two hours at a time starting at 8 A.M. and may vary locations depending upon the right surfing conditions at that particular day. Experienced surfers and world class instructors will ensure your perfect surfing lessons when you want to learn how to ride Mazatlan’s perfect year-round waves.

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