Choose the Color Yellow for a Little Girl’s Bedroom


Deciding how to redecorate a child’s bedroom can be a difficult task. What color do we want to paint the walls? What color and type of carpet do we want to have lain? Do we want to have carpeting or hardwood floors? If we want carpeting, what color and texture? What type of accents will go good with the color we chose for the walls? Will the choices we make last our child until they are in their teens? Question after question that needs answered. If this is a girl’s room, try the beautiful, bright color yellow as a base to start with. Then add different shades of yellow through other accent items or chose a theme such as sunflowers.

Yellow is an excellent color to use to decorate a little girl’s bedroom, plus all little girls like flowers. Your little girl is not a baby or toddler anymore, nor is she a teenager, so it is time to redecorate her room to fit her age. The color yellow is bold and cheery, and there are a huge number of sunflower accessories a person can purchase in stores or on-line to help accentuate every aspect of a room.

Whether you do the work yourself or higher someone, paint the walls with a bold shade of yellow, high-grade paint. Paint all the trim with an equally, high-grade white color paint. Consider stenciling sunflowers on the walls, adding a sunflower wall mural, or painting sunflowers freehanded. Be sure to add some small creatures such as butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, frogs, and others in between the sunflowers. Stencils, stickers, and wall murals are available on-line. There are many professional painters who can decorate walls be transferring a pattern from a curtain or bedspread.

If you have wood floors and want to keep them instead of laying carpet, make sure they are well polished and scatter a few accent sunflower rugs around. A good place to find a wide variety of these rugs is at Novelty Rugs. They range in price from under $50.00 to well into the hundreds.

If you decide to go with carpeting, be sure to choose a color that matches the walls. I can never judge from those card samples of paint you get from the hardware store if what I am buying, whether it is fabric or carpeting, will match the paint. If I am looking at carpeting, I may bring some samples home, but works best for me is when I paint a small piece of plasterboard about six inches by six inches the same color as the paint on the walls. I can then take this bigger sample with me to the shops to match carpet, fabric, or accent items.

Complete the room by adding sunflower paper lanterns, which are available for purchase on Amazon for approximately $6.00. Add shelves, vases, even wooden dinnerware sets as decors, boxes, picture frames, and more from Sunflower Décor. It is important to remember when adding accent pieces, to chose items with shades of yellow that accent the room and not clash with the walls, flooring, or other objects.

The choice of using the color yellow along with sunflowers is sure to delight any little girl.

Source: Sunflower Décor, Amazon, Novelty Rugs

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