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Best CBD Oil (on Amazon) for Anxiety, Pain, Sleep / Insomnia – An In-Depth Overview and Review

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What is CBD and Why Should I Be Interested?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, has made a profound rise over the last few years. This phytocannabinoid, ever-growing in popularity, is organically produced in cannabis plants. CBD products provide every health benefit ascribed to cannabinoids, but can also be used without generating one of the most famous cannabinoid side effects– the “high,” as it were.

Instead of taking the user on a psychoactive journey, CBD on its own is capable of creating a peaceful, relaxed state for the user to dwell within. CBD has helped those who suffer from a wide range of medical issues, both psychological and physical. People who are struggling with insomnia (or a myriad of other sleep-related problems) often use CBD as a treatment. So do others who are dealing with the symptomatic realities of everything from anxiety and depression to epilepsy and diabetes. Folks suffering from these maladies and so many more have learned to take CBD on as a part of their health & wellness routine.

CBD, Legality & Availability

Due to its relation to cannabis, some are skeptical. But the consensus among professionals has landed on a core agreement regarding this common fear: it is an unfounded one. Top researchers and medical bodies continue to find nothing but positive side effects from those forced to live with chronic pain or other mental and physical ailments. In some regions, however, certain governments have not budged on their CBD policy. There is an incredible variance from region to region, country to country, and so on. But, tracking the progress, we see that governing bodies are slowly conforming to common sense: progress is being made in the legality of CBD products, such as CBD oil and more.

Is CBD Right For Me?

Whether you are looking for a psychoactive experience or not, there is a CBD product for you. For example, for those looking for solely medical benefits without the euphoric highs, crystalline isolate is a form of CBD in which psychoactive cannabinoids have been fully removed, and can be found and purchased in most of the western world.

On the other hand, there is also full spectrum oil, which is practically only available for legal purchase in areas where marijuana is legal. Again, progress seems to be on its way to being made on this front– a genuine cause for optimism.

Many ask “how does one use CBD Oil?”; this is a common question, and, honestly, it’s a matter of choice. Some prefer to take capsules– quick, efficient, and useful. Others like to take CBD in snacks and other food products. Topical creams are available to be applied, while some prefer to brew up a tincture and take their CBD in the form of a liquid healer. More “classic” users of cannabinoids prefer to “vaporize” their CBD in a smooth, smoke-free device.

Who Should I Trust To Supply Me With The Best CBD Oil Experience?

Not all CBD oil is created equally. Even beyond the presence of psychoactive cannabinoids, there are varying strengths which are based on the concentration of CBD within the oil mixture. As you may be able to intuit, the higher the concentration, the stronger the effects. Some like a mild buzz which allows them to continue on their daily routine, while others like to induce a state of utmost relaxation for the evening. It’s all a matter of preference. But the choices go beyond this.

As is the case for all fresh, new products and markets, the choice of brands, sellers, manufacturers, and sources is currently through the roof– and it’s only growing. In such a veritable marketplace of options, there is obviously going to be a wide range of quality… from the excellent to the… well, not so much. And, when dealing with your health & wellness, it’s really not worth taking a risk.

That’s why I’ve compiled a short list of some of the best options. I’d like to point you in the right direction. And I’d like to start by suggesting what I see as being the clearly superior option: Yours Nutrition.

The Best of the Best in the CBD Oil Biz

  1. Yours Nutrition

Offering “Full Spectrum” CBD Oils of varying strengths and in various forms, even for dogs and cats, as well as healing balms and CBD oil capsules, Yours Nutrition is at the top of the game.

Yours Nutrition is a project brimming with integrity. They were founded as a means to forward the ambitious vision of providing world-class natural supplements that are, as far as we’re concerned, second-to-none in their ability to enhance the user’s life and alleviate side effects. These are not just your standard CBD oils. No, Yours Nutrition is developing all sorts of incredible CBD projects, and more. As far as CBD oils go, you really can’t go wrong with choosing an organization as passionate about creating wonderful supplements as Yours Nutrition. They aim to improve the lives of every individual who decides to supplement their life with CBD, and the testimonials and reviews suggest that they are highly successful in doing just that. Their testing process is integral, cutting-edge, and rigorous in making sure that every ingredient is optimally utilized and in line with the most accurate, contemporary science available. Regardless of your preferences, Yours Nutrition offers an option perfect for you.

Shop their CBD Collection here

  1. Herbal Renewals

This is a company which is well-reputed for highly concentrated oils which are perfect for pain relief. They tend to skip out on gimmicks and go right for practical usage, and they do this well. If you are simply looking for relief from physical pain, Herbal Renewals is an excellent choice.

  1. Proleve

Proleve has earned a reputation for making organic, non-GMO CBD oils from carefully grown hemp. They do work with third-parties, but they ensure utmost professionalism in choosing their partners. Plus, great customer service.

Others to keep your eye out for:

– Nuleaf (for those wanting potent concentrations)

– Sunsoil (for great flavours and fantastic value)

– Green Roads (for specifically non-THC CBD options)

– Populum (for incredible flavour which masks hemp)


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